The First 30

I think this blog is going to be a great thing. I say that because this last week, out of all weeks,(when i wanted to begin my blog) I almost got into a few horribly bad car accidents. For one, my brakes failed and the words “semi-truck” and “impatient driver” describe the other almost-accidents.

Another reason is because when I was writing my first post , I pressed the wrong button and WHAM-O! Everything I had written was gone. I guess I’ve learned two lessons this past week. Get your car checked routinely and don’t press the backspace button to many times when you’re on WordPress.

Anyway, after all that, my blog is finally up and running! So to start things off, want to tell you about something that I have been doing the last couple of days. I wanted to spend time with God more so I have been reading the Psalms. Just been reading the first 30. I read the Psalms when I need encouragement, if i’m scared or depressed or just when I want to read something that will make me feel like God is wrapping His loving arms around me.  So here is the first.

Psalm 1

I have always loved Psalm 1. The short version is that the Psalmist is talking about the godly vs. the ungodly. The way of blessing and the way of destruction.

Those that are godly will be blessed (verse 1) and will be like a tree planted by the rivers (verse 3). The ungodly on the other hand, will be cut like chaff (verse 4). Chaff is the nasty part of grain – the husk. It is the part of the plant that is thrown away. Basically, it’s saying that those that choose to live their lives without God in the picture will be discarded like the nasty part of grain.

So after hearing all of that, what’s a person to do? What’s a person to think about this God who apparently “thows people away?” I have to admit that was a pretty intense analogy, being thrown away by God. But for right now, let’s focus on the part of the Psalm that is the beautiful anaolgy of the tree.

“He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water…whose leaf shall not wither and whatever he does shall prosper” (Verse 3). tree-and-riverThis is a promise from the Lord. Those who are delighting and walking with God and those who meditate on His word (verse 2), will be like the tree pictured above. They will be rooted and grounded. Their lives will prosper and be blessed. They will have life.

Nasty chaff? Or beautiful tree? A beautiful tree is my goal.

God gives us the choice. It’s up to us.

Until next time!




The Day That I Woke Up.

My story isn’t an extreme one where “I use to party all the time and then I found the Lord one day and everything changed!”

I realize that could be the start of someone’s story, but mine is much simpler than that.

I am a Christian. I’ve been walking with the Lord ever since I can remember. It’s all thanks to my mom who was an amazing example of what a godly woman looks like. I accepted the Lord Jesus into my heart when I was just 4 years old. Because I grew up in a home where Jesus was welcome, I was always hearing about Him through songs my mom would play or attending church or a Bible study somewhere. I was at every Christian camp my church had when I was a teenager. God was all up in my life! He was always in my face. That was all I knew.

“Christians have a bad reputation.” – Pretty Much Everyone

It wasn’t until I met someone years ago who made me question if this life was one that I really wanted.  During that time, this over protected Christian girl got to know a lot more about the world than she had planned. I allowed myself to be exposed to worldly things but still got up and went to church on Sunday. I wasn’t living right. I was being a hypocrite. So I was faced with a decison. Did I really want to live the Christian life? Or did I want to do my own thing most days and keep God on stand by when I needed Him?

Until this time, I never questioned my choice of following Jesus. I had started out the first act of my life right but that was easy. It’s easy to follow God when you’re young and that’s all you know. It’s much harder when you’re an adult with the capacity to make choices and think about things on a deeper level. I decided that I wanted the second act of my life to be right also. I was going to live for Jesus because it was what I wanted to do. I knew that was the right decision for me.

I have made mistakes. I have had regrets. I am broken.

Christians get a bad reputation. We are thought of as “weirdos” or “overly religious”. I’ve even heard the word “hypocrite” as my friend put it so harshly, on the the day that I woke up. Some of us can be a little intense. And some try to make others feel intimidated by putting their “closeness to God” on display.

I have made mistakes in my life. I have had regrets. I am broken. I am no better than anyone else. All I am (just as you are) is a person that Jesus died for and wants a relationship with. He saw something in me He liked and gave me the opportunity to serve Him. I aim to always be relatable, and real.

On the day that I woke up, I realized I wasn’t being a good example of what a follower of Jesus is supposed to be. I was causing confusion not only to myself but to my friend who was unsure if he wanted Jesus in his life. I want to be an example of what it means to follow Jesus. Of what it looks like to walk with Him each day and enjoy Him in every moment. Even if that moment is a difficult one.

So please, allow me to show you a glimpse of what a real Christian is like through my Moments With Jesus.